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Dj Bushido
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Add Sorting Field to playlist view please!!!!

Is it so complicated to apply the same sorting properties available in the Local Media to the Playlist?

Every other popular player are doing it!!! (iTune, Songbird, Foobar.)

Actually I'm unfortunatly still using iTune just because of that specific features.
As a dj a prepare my dj set with playlist (ready to be exported to traktor). And it is essential while selecting, rating, building, my set in a playlist to see ans be able to sort song with a minimum of column (Title, Artist, Album, Length, genre, comments, BPM, and more...)

What are you waiting!?!

Hurry up a lot of your users are waiting for this since hmmmm.... 2006?

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Having a rating system visible on the playlist a'la media player would be very nice! The playlist capabilities at this time are severely limited & need to be updated to show more information, imho. I guess I could give it a shot to develop something but if winamp is on v5.6x already & it hasn't been integrated yet, how come? What's the hold up?

Any ideas?
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