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Cool Just Downloaded

Heyy I j/ downloaded WINAMP and i'm totally confused! how do i get music?! how do i do anything! lol i'm so used to kazaa! someone HELP PLEASE!!!
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1. Go to store
2. Buy CD
3. Take home
4. Rip
5. Listen


1. Go to http://www.winamp.com/music
2. Stream
3. Rip (Best if you have high-speed connection)
4. Listen

Best if used with Winamp...

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hmm hmm..
seems you are confusered:

kazaa = file sharing program
winamp = media player

they are totaly different things.

if you are so used to kaz, then all you will need to do is get the mp3s that you have downloaded using kaz, and play them with winamp. (click on "open file" and find an mp3 file)

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Now a file is a peice of data on your hard drive. When you download music with Kazaa it saves a music file on your hard drive somewhere.

If you open up my computer and open your c drive and then open the Program Files folder and then open the Kazaa folder and then open the My Shared Files folder you will see the music you have downloaded with Kazaa

If you installed winamp with all default settings you should be able to double click those files to play them in winamp.

If you have not installed winamp with default settings than open winamp and click on the "Add" button in the playlist window and go to "add directory" and browse to the directory i have mentioned.

You use Kazaa to get your music. You use winamp to play it better than Kazaa ever could. Winamp can make it sound better organize it and have pretty colors go along with it.

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