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[Unfinished feature]: Time(r) Display


This might sound like an unfinished feature rather a bug, but still it's very annoying.

When you play a file that is more than 99 minutes 59 seconds, and set the time display to "remaining", winamp will "truncate" the last digit, since it only has 6 "display areas" (one for "-" sign, 4 for "MM"/"SS", and one for ":" sign). So, it's really frustrating not being able to see the last digit.
I guess that if one's a DJ making a 1000+ minutes remix and he/she wants to see the remaining time, he/she will only see the first 3 digits from the MM.

Hopefully this will get "repaired" somehow in a future release / patch.

Thank You.
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Sorry, should've post this one under special "Winamp 5.05 bug[...]" thread, but clicked on the wrong link.
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