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Transition Errors?


From what I have seen all the transitions blend really smoothly except in 1 case.

When using waveforms 6 or 7 to make the waveform rotate around the screen we use say

wave_mystery = 0.1*time
for anti-clockwise
wave_mystery = -0.1*time
for clockwise

Now this causes a problem when changing to the any circle waveform - waveform 0 - preset. As when the this waveform reaches above about 1.2 and below 2.5 it is off the screen and there invisible.

So blending these 2 different presets together results in blending the wave_mystery values a massively bigger and massively negative number to around the -2 to 1 mark. Then what happens is that during the whole time of the transition the screen is blank. And if you have a long blend time say 8 sec it is blank for a long time. And MD looks broken.

Obviously the transition code is halving the gap from the 2 different presets (wave_mystery = (wave_mystery1 + wave_mystery2)/2 or something like that) but in this case it does not look write as wave_mystery is well out of range.

I noticed this some time ago but could not explain why it was happening. I can now.

As for a solution .....ummmh....


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