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Multiple MUI_PAGE_COMPONENTS dialogs

I’m on my way to create my first NSIS installer.
I have successfully created a radio button page for the user to select one of two alternatives (using the MUI_PAGE_COMPONENTS page, and doing the following in the .onSelChange function (not complete code)


Function .onSelChange
!insertmacro StartRadioButtons $1
!insertmacro RadioButton ${section_form}
!insertmacro RadioButton ${section_basic}
!insertmacro EndRadioButtons

Now I need a second, similar page but for another variable and other alternatives.
How can I create a second MUI_PAGE_COMPONENTS page that will present other Radio buttons in the .onSelChange function? Is that possible?
Can anyone point me to some sample code that solves my problem.
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I think you're over complicating things. Why not create a custom page or two instead? If you have more than one components page you have to hide some sections before showing one page and hide/show other sections for the other page. It gets messy.

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Indeed, you'll probably want to create a custom page using nsDialogs. There's an excellent tutorial in the nsDialogs readme.
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