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Corruption may not be the right term to use here. Beyond checking for disruption of the
music data, tag editors support ID3 specs in different ways and allow for editing of
different tags or call the tags by different names. For example, MP3Tag brings out Codec
and Mode tags which the Winamp tag editor does not (or calls them something else).
Winamp allows editing of a URL tag which MP3Tag does not.

This could lead to the mis-reading and/or rearranging or blending of tags created by
different editors. MP3Val and apps like it, look for this kind of stuff along with corruption
of the music data. Since the tags are before and/or after the music data, they seldom
prevent playback of the song. In most cases, the worst bad tags do is cause the display
of nonsense while increasing the size of the file with useless bytes.

Of course a bad image file is a different case and is not the case here. Also, not the
case here, but a sufficiently 'jacked up' file with the proper internal header and external
file extension could bring Winamp (and any other program) to its knees.

We run virus and malware scanners. It just makes sense to run file integrity checkers if
they are reliable and available.
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