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Eternal sunshine of a spotless mind

I went to see this film yesterday (I know, we get films late here in Norway), it was really good, and I beleive it is the best performance I've seen from Jim Carrey ever.

(possible spoiler) What bothers is how fast I got the start (which is close to the end), and why, but: Does that mean The movie is too easy to get? or am I thinking too easy? I had read about the movie somewhat before I went to see it, thus I knew the couple would break up early in the film and delete their knowledge about each other, but it didn't hit me that the beginning of the film is after the break and deletion. I did get some clues though when he were explaining to the doctor about how he met her, which didn't coheere with how we had seen him meet her, and how we saw the dent in his car and how she made it. It then hit me: Nothing happening after the break and before he wakes up is real (although real is a question of definition the Matrix taught us no too take too lightly). But then again, soething has to be "real", or "real" is just a pointless as the rest as they both meet up in Montak (did I spell that right?) after she said "Meet me at Montak..." before vanishing into "nothingness". He remebers it, she must do in a way too...

hmm... /me is confused
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