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Old 9th December 2006, 15:55   #1
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****** Royale: Worst Bond EVER!!!!!! ( Warning: slight spoiler)

Yes i said it and i mean it. I own every single Bond movie ever made and this one is the worst i have ever seen ( it makes " On Her Majestys Secret Service" look like " The Godfather", which is a great movie) and i have a list of reasons why.

#1: Daniel Craig is missing something when he is playing James Bond, and i believe it is the suaveness ( yes i realize that may not be a word) and the hint of hilarity in his voice. And not to mention the fact that he kills the last bad guy with a sniper. James Bond would never do that! He'd shoot him up close and personal.
#2: James Bond movies are famous because of thier gadgets and what does Daniel get to use as his first ever Gadget? A DIFIBULATOR!!! A DIFIBULATOR! What is this ER or something. i mean he doesn't even get his watch! Q/R isn't even in this God Forsaken movie! Whats up with that! Not to mention the villains "Great tool of destruction" is poison! I mean come on, they could of thought of something more creative.
#3: The car... *sigh*. He gets a Ford Focus! Not a BMW, not a Porche but a Ford Focus. Nothing else to say.
#4: The Plot. OK if you are like me and have watched all of the James Bond movies, you would realize that this Plot makes absolutely no sense. In almost all the movies he says that he can't get attached to so many women because he was hurt before ( mostly Roger Moore movies). The reason is that on "On Her Majestys Secret Service" he got married and as he was driving from his wedding his wife was killed. now judging by how he acted after that, no matter what,2 he couldn't have gotten married in one of the two movies. If "OHMSS" was first than he wouldn't of gotten married in ****** Royale, and if ****** Royale was first then he wouldn't of gotten married in "OHMSS". Also if the rumors and hints of M standing for Mom are true then this would make no sense at all because M has changed between a Man to a Woman in between "Liscense To Kill" and "Goldeneye". Also this is set in the year 2006, and, according to the movie this is when Bond first turns into a "00" but that makes no sense because he is already a "00" in "Dr.No" the first Bond film ever made, in 1962!!! ALSO the plot of the movie itself is pretty bad. Like in all the other beautiful masterpieces of James Bond they had villains bent on world domination and destruction, but in this the villain is just giving money to terrorists. there is no deadline or tension in the movie.
#5: Last but not least the villain. OK first that main villain is a guy that has a cut where his eye is, and whenever he gets nervous it starts to bleed. Whats up with that??? I highly doubt that happens in real life. Also, he is a freakin wimp. He is not cold hearted, which is supposed to be a trait that evry Bond villain can't be without. It's like replacing the name "Jaws" with "Very sharp toothed guy", it just doesn't work.

I shall leave you with a note that the only reason all these big companys are saying that it's "A Box Office Hit" is because it makes money and anyone who likes the movie is either in denial or has horrible, horrible taste.
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Old 9th December 2006, 21:05   #2
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I also forgot to add that if you are going to say shit about my assesment of ****** Royale then at least watch the other ones. If not all of them then at least OHMSS and Goldeneye.
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Old 10th December 2006, 11:50   #3
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To be honest, I really liked the movie. I thought he was a great bond.

I don't think it's the best bond ever, but it was good.
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Old 10th December 2006, 18:05   #4
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There's already a ****** Royale thread.

By the way, He didn't kill the guy at the end with a sniper
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