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...And the award for breast actress goes to...

Got to see two movies this week with breast action sequences in them:

Eurotrip - Rub that dirt off there, honey!

Taking Lives - A movie in which my son and I joked the entire movie that we'd love to see Angelina Jolie's milk pillows in only to be rewarded at the end with the big nipper.

Please contribute nominations for breast movie so that I may have cookies ready.
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Well, Tomb Raider 1 wouldn't disappoint you, I guess. The ending's quite breasty. Oh, and Return Of The Killer Tomatoes begins with a sequence of Big Breasted Girls Go To The Beach And Take Their Tops Off, until they decide to show Return Of The Killer Tomatoes instead. (god, I love that film) It ends with a similar sequence, too.

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girls gone wild volume 1 has a few scenes like that.

yeah, i'm back.
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but seriously,

Reindeer games has Charlize Theron's boobs floating in a swimming pool...

I'm not sure if Monster shows theron's therons, but shes a prostetute in it, so maybe.
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