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It's enough to make you go crazy, when you put together a new box and it isn't werking right . . .

My problem is that when I run visualization plugins with Winamp, my computer freezes and the speakers let out a monotone beep. Nothing responds, and I'm forced to reboot. A found a thread from a while ago from a person with the same problem: http://forums.winamp.com/ubb/Forum11/HTML/000867.html . Can anyone offer some new insight about this?

So far I have found that it freezes with AVS and Geiss. They'll run just fine for a few minutes, and then that beep comes back and the thing is frozen. I've tried reinstalling Winamp once or twice, and I've downloaded all of the latest drivers for my video and sound cards. I've also tried disabling hardware acceleration on my video card and disabling the AC'97 audio on my motherboard, all to no avail. I've done this with all background programs closed.

My system is an Athlon Thunderbird 900 Mhz, 128 MB PC133 SDRAM, Microstar K7T Pro motherboard, Hercules Prophet II GTS wtih 64 MB, and an SB Live! sound card. If anyone here has had this problem and can help me, I will forever consider you my savior.

For now, I guess I'll keep going through disabling hardware one-by-one, starting with the netwerk card and going up to the sound card, then using generic video drivers, until I can get it to stop freezing. Oh well. Thanks for any help you may be able to offer.
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