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Obama wins Nobel Peace Prize

OSLO — The announcement drew gasps of surprise and cries of too much, too soon. Yet President Barack Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize on Friday because the judges found his promise of disarmament and diplomacy too good to ignore.


While Saturday Night Live satires him:

There are some on the right those on the Right that are angry because they think I am turning this great country into something that resembles the Soviet Union or Nazi Germany. When you look at my record, it’s very clear what I’ve done so far – and that is nothing.. Nada ……..Looking at this list I am seeing two big accomplishments: Jack and Squat.


I suggest we rename "The Nobel Peace prize" to "Some Norwegian guys noticed I wasn't George Bush". Like Jimmy Carter, it proves the Nobel Committee loves anyone that they think will buy their euro-garbage as US policy.
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tend to agree. I did like his reaction to it though. "Its my call to action" --- very respectable in my opinion.

I think the award should be given for results. Gore got it for his work, not necessarily results. But Obama got it for intentions. ... still I do think he could actually earn it one day
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I agree, too. I hope he will be successful with his plans and aims, then the Nobel Prize is justified!
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You can bet that his plans and aims as stated in the election are going to be very diluted because like it or not, the United States is a conservative place.

Actual liberals are far outnumbered by conservatives and "blue dogs". Whether Obama is pragmatic enough not to want to meet the fate of Jimmy Carter, or whether he is a "Blue Dog" in liberals clothing doesn't really matter.

I have a feeling what Obama will really do is going to leave liberals and the Norwegians wanting a refund! It may however leave most people thinking he's a pretty good president.

If he were to follow the liberal agenda he outlined in his campaign, he'll be unemployed before he gets half way done.

If he makes life better for most people and not for special interests, he'll succeed. He might even get a little of that liberal crap he said done too. You'll notice his progress in those aims is absolutely zero bumped for other things "on his plate". You know... like those things most of us thought were important...

To see a liberal lawyer like Obama in some recent interviews talking about tort reform and trying to figure out how to subvert the rule of law to keep the most dangerous terrorists detained without real due process.... Dude has met reality. He didn't find it in Berkeley

"Its my call to action"
I dunno. Impressing the Norwegians and other Euros isn't likely to impress your electorate. I hope Obama remembers that all that alleged good will he gained with foreign governments hasn't translated to a damn thing that was useful to the United States. G8 sent us home with no help. No troops for Afghanistan... No Chicago Olympics...

European love and $2 will get us coffee. $4 if they go with.

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