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New ideas for next update for Geiss 2

I have to tell you, I have loved your work since I came across it in 97, begining with the original Geiss.

So, well I'm not sure if anyone has noticed this, but this does work with both versions of Geiss. Has anyone tried holding down the "P" key during the visualization? It cycles through the colors for the current viz, and it's pretty trippy,....very trippy.

My suggestion is that for the next version of Geiss 2, that there should be an option to have this same color cycling/shifting set to a random or determined time frame within a range set by the user. Or perhaps make this color cycling beat sensitive?

So I ask those who read this forum to try holding down the "P" key and see what I mean, if you think that there is some potential with this, then please support the idea!!!

Thanks again for the great work you have done GEISS!!!

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I fully agree.
I am planning to use Geiss 2 at discos using my tv-out on my video card going to a projector. I have been meaning to email and ask if i can do so at small discos like for schools etc. Color cycling on a certain time or on the beat would rule i have to say. What I have also seen is geiss 4.xx or something and that has the function to custom messages on the screen when you command it. That would be a great implement as well. Hope you can use the ideas thom319 and I have raised. Keep up the wicked coding.
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