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Desktop Mode problems

I'm having several issues with the desktop mode, I hope they get fixed, as it's really really great!

1. The task bar appears over the desktop icons. Now I know what you're thinking... "he hasn't clicked the option that fixes that", but I have and it makes no difference.

screenshot 1

2. Sometimes the icons just dissappear completely, leaving only the text behind.

screenshot 2

3. causes explorer.exe to randomly generate errors and quit! :-(

4. I can't interact with desktop icons when it's running. Can't rename a file, or drag and drop it into an open window.

5. when I have trillan (www.trillian.cc) open with window transparency turned on the geiss display slows to a crawl and the computer reponds very slowly. I tested this on a friend's machine, which has a much older graphics card (rage pro) in it and there was no such issue?

my confing
windows 2000 pro SP4
winamp 2.81

amd XP1800+
geforce3 ti200

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