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Unread messages indictor on main index

On the forums main index, where you see the list of categories, there is the typical Winamp icon, the white square rotated 45° with the lightning bolt in it. When there are new messages, it is colored with the orange lightning bolt. If no new messages are present, it is only in gray scale. When I view a forum with new messages and read those of interest leaving others unread, and return to the main index, it shows as there being new messages, until I'm not active in these forums for extended time (seemingly about 2 hours). Would it be possible that, after leaving the forum with new unread messages for more than 5 minutes to have the icon on the main index only to indicate that no new messages are there, even though when the forum is viewed again, the new ones remain showing?

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Eh, I just hit Mark all these forums read button at the bottom when i've opened all the pages in opera.
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