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images in Milkdrop

I like the new image capabilites of milkdrop. I've already had some fun playing with them and uploaded my .ini file in the milkdrop presets folder of this forum if anyone wants to check it out or include them in the next milkdrop release.

I have suggestions/requests though:

1) Allow an image to stay on the screen and "burn" into the milkdrop preset. Sort of like if you use dyn. movements and a picture in AVS.

2) Allow an image to "burn" into the background when you delete it instead of just instantly disapearing.

3) Allow an image to "burn" into the background but stay loaded in memory, so it can reappear with the beat or something. I guess basically this would be the ability to make an image "burn" without invoking the "done" command. That would probably take care of #1 also.

4) Fix the pause when you load an image for the first time. Perhaps an option to load milkdrop images when you start the plugin.

5) Call image routines from within a preset.

6) Randam images instead of only user invoked ones.

7) Video file or video capture support. This would just be too sweet.
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