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WinAmp plays music from www.shoutcast.com without any problems. WinAmp plays mp3s without any problems. However, I have two normal store bought CDs that it has problems with. It will be able to identify the song and how long it is. When I hit play, it will move the progress bar, as though it were playing. However, where the line scoop is, there is no movement and there is no sound. But, the bar is moving across as though it were playing.

If I load up NT's CD Player, it plays it fine.

I'm running a brand new Dell Latitude CPT with NT 4.0 SP6.


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I think the problem is not in winamp, but in in_cdda.dll file, which is used when playing cd's. I had the same problem, I i got it fixed by starting to use in_CDReader.dll instead of in_cdda.dll.
in_CDReader.dll can be found at "http://www.url*****~copah/CDReader.htm".
This .dll also repaired the annoying "clicking" and "popping" sounds I had during playback when I used the original in_cdda.dll. ALSO, with in_CDReader.dll the tracks will now start to play properly and NOT so that approximately 0.5 seconds of the beginning of a track is played twice.

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