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I can;t see very well

I need a hand.

I have down loaded the latest version of Winamp and open it to find little boxes with Winamp commands, e.g. Winamp greatly reduiced.

I have tried to make the panels bigger without success. Older versions of Winamp let you stretch the main screen but the version I have now won't and I can't make it large and I can't see very well (Imagine legally blind in one eye and 60% loss in the other)

So how do I make Winamp fill the screen? How do I make it larger. I am using Classic (Good old Winamp).

Thanks a lot for any help.( Window 7, ProPack) I am 74 years old.

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Press Control Key + D (to doublesize the classic view)

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And IN THE Playlist Editor or Media Library, hit Ctrl. and "+" to increase font size on the fly..
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Originally Posted by 1 Seryan View Post
Older versions of Winamp let you stretch the main screen but the version I have now won't
it very much sounds like you were using a different skin as the classic skins do not do as you've described. maybe it was the Bento or Winamp Modern skin (or some other modern skin) which was being used - which for your sight issues are a better option to use as they can be scaled to specific amounts instead of 1x or 2x (for some of the windows) as classic skins allow.

also, based on what you've said, i'd assume you'll be running Windows with text scaling turned up, if so, make sure you're using v5.666 build 3516 and the dll patches (see http://forums.winamp.com/showthread....74929#download and http://forums.winamp.com/showthread.php?t=156839#known2 respectively) as that version (which maybe you have already, but not necessarily the dll patches) will work better in-conjunction with the OSes text scaling i.e. the playlist editor and media library text will be scaled up automatically to better match with what the rest of the OS is showing.

Victhor: that keyboard action doesn't work in the library window, just the main playlist editor.
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