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/\/\/\-like SSC

I've been trying this for about months now, but I can't get a scope to reverse when it goes off limits, like:

| /\ /\ |
|/ \/ \|

Using a sine would slow it down at the tops, and my attempts with if(above(below... failed all

Some help would be appreciated.

Another thing, maybe i should post another thread, but ah well, let's try to keep the first part short.

With the attached preset (note: not finished), I can't get the speedometers to follow the circle. If someone could help me with that, I'd like that too.
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You aren't following the same equations for the circles and the lines. Look at Atero's primer. It has an example of rotating things.
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Attached is how to change a sine into a zig-zag line.
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a simple way to do that is to use the asin/sin combination, which easily reverses/reflects images:
x=asin(sin(x*pi))/pi; y=...

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