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Multiple playlist tabs

Hi, i'm a long time winamp user and like it a lot but i'm missing one feature (or cannot find it) - manage multiple playlists at the same time. What i would like to see is something like tabs to switch between playlists so i can have different music opened at the same time, add/remove songs on fly and use shuffle based on active smaller playlist as opposed to big mixed one playlist.

I like to hold some genre music at one playlist and drag'n'drop similar folders to it. Next half hour i might want to listen some different style music or some other person wants to listen few songs and i don't like to mess up current playlist to include some random songs (i have quite dynamic playlists, always changing) and right now i see three options, all of them with flaws:

1. Drop new music folders to existing playlist and start listening consecutively, but then cannot use shuffle because i still have old music also in this playlist.
2. Save current playlist and clear it. Add new music folders to empty playlist and start listening as i please - shuffle or not. But this requires old and new playlist saving, remembering file locations and loading, so its time consuming and somewhat cumbersome.
3. Use multiple winamp windows with different playlists - this is not desirable as it fills my desktop and is obscure. Also loading all lastly opened playlists after program restart seems troublesome.

Basically what its all about for me is that it extends shuffle capabilities and gives overall better overview. Using multiple playlist tabs seems best solution to accomplish that. My idea is to add similar 12pix high menu above current

menu (current has buttons like "Add, Remove, Select files, Misc actions, Manage playlist, time and Collapse") And this new menu should have one narrow tab button "1"(or renameable) and "+" button to add new ones and empty space after - basically
something like firefox and some other browsers/programs have.

If anyone has alternative solution, you are welcome to point it out.

Here is edited screenshot..
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I have an alternate solution, I've been checking out the program aimp2 (awesome by the way), and you can have tabbed playlists there. It works similar to tabs in firefox, and it sound better--more defined sound than winamp's stock in_mp3 plugin.


-if you really want to whip the lamas ass, use the MAD mp3 decoder plugin for wimAmp.
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I use a front-end to manage a single coiled playlist that is sorted from slow to fast. Every half hour there is a 70% chance that the next track will be announced to be a random selection. However, this is part of a large AI subsystem and I'm looking for a standalone Winamp plugin for my delayed shuffle concept.
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I suggest trying one from the bevy of great plug-ins made by DrO, Playlist Separator.
There is an option to 'pick a random playlist item between separator blocks on a played separator' that can be used to partially accomplish what you're trying to do (Winamp's shuffle setting won't confine itself to the separators). It can even auto-insert separators when you alter the playlist.

Alternatively/additionally use queueing by randomly ALT+CLICKING amongst the playlist items you currently wish to listen to. This may only be possible if Jump to File Extra is installed, I've always had it installed so don't know exactly what functions it adds.

If it were possible to combine the above methods by multi-queueing a separator so that it gets played again after every random song you would get exactly what you're looking for, albeit in a roundabout way. Unfortunately doing this currently breaks the 'pick a random playlist item...' setting, instead, repeatedly playing the item which is immediately after the queued separator.
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The lack of tabbed playlists has become beyond frustrating. Right now I'm going through a playlist, but I want to take a small break and play some of my favourite songs, my only options are use another player or lose my playlist.
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