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Where is Winamp Movie Player!!!

Greetings all,

Where is Winamp Movie Player for Android?? The App that has a database of movies that you can watch.

I had it on my Phone,but it got erased,and I cannot find it anywhere,
It's like it doesn't exist anymore.

If I do find it,it takes me to an Apk site that downloads an app store onto my phone,and that doesn't have Winamp Movie Player either.

Can someone help me find Winamp Movie Player?? Thanks for any help

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no such product has ever officially existed let alone be provided.

the only official Winamp product for Android was the music only player - there was definitely no video support in it.

as such, it sounds like you've been scammed or duped, however you want to look at it.
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Winamp Movie

I wasn't "duped" or scammed..lol

What I had was an app on my phone with a Winamp symbol.When I opened the App it had a listing of all different kinds of movies:Action,Drama,Fantasy,Sci-Fi,you name it.

You just find the movie that you want,over 1500 titles,click on that movie,choose a server, and it plays..
That simple,almost any movie you want.Lots of new Movies too,for free.

Anyone heard of this??
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i have removed your last post with the link you provided as it is in no way officially related to us and that fact it's using the Winamp name in such a manner is really something that should be passed on to our legal department. that is why i've said you've been "scammed or duped" as it is not official in any shape or form and you really should not be trying to use such a thing as it just screams dodgy.
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I understand now that is not an actual "Winamp" program and not affiliated with Winamp as a company,as it were.Not sure why they would label it that way.

To me "scammed or duped" would indicate that:
a.Money was invested and lost
b.Expectations were not met
Neither which have been done.

I have been using this app for over a year and have not had a problem.I only needed to re-install it because my phone got factory reset,and I lost it all.

It is a free app for a movie database that streams movies--nothing "dodgy" about that as far as I know.

I think that it's pretty awesome that someone else is using their money to provide a service to be able to do this.The Servers and time to put the app together must have cost something.

If you want to watch free movies you can:

a. go to freeappsky .com and download their App,which when opened looks like google play,or android market place where you can get apps.

b.search on that app for "winamp" and install

c.Check out over 1500 free movie titles

d.you can then uninstall the "freeappsky" app if you choose

Someone is taking their time and money to put movies on their own Servers and give access to it.I think that this is pretty awesome!!!
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