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Changing tracks on Mix CD's


As much as I love Winamp, whenever I play mix cd's, there's a gap between tracks instead on it being continuous.

Any ideas on how to fix this?

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Sorry, I forgot to mention I'm using Winamp 5 (not the beta).
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For gapless CD playback

Prefs -> Plugins -> Input:
CD plugin -> config
checkmark "enable digital audio extraction"
"Use sonic engine" is optional
If unchecked, then in_cdda.dll will fallback to using ASPI
(assuming an ASPI manager is installed)

If "Use DAE" was unchecked
then you'll need to restart winamp 5 after checkmarking this option
for the new setting to take effect

Prefs -> Plugins -> Output:
DirectSound -> config -> Buffering tab:
Increase "bufffer ahead on track change" slider
to eg. anywhere between 200 - 1200ms (adjust to taste)

This should now enable gapless cd playback

For gapless MP3 playback

you also need to checkmark:
Remove silence at beginning/end of track
(DirectSound Output -> config -> Other tab)

Default cut off value = -40dB
Increasing this value is equivalent to moving slider to left
eg. -30dB
The further left you go, the more of the beginning & end will be cut off.

Note, in some cases
"allow hardware acceleration" may need checkmarking
in DirectSound -> Device tab
and Device changing to match sound card/chip c/o drop down menu.

Also, fade on start/end of track needs disabling in DS > Buffering tab.
Or turn Crossfader off in Winamp 5 (config drawer -> EQ)
and set slider value to 0

Crossfading (fade on start/end of track) overrides gapless playback.

If the problem persists, provide system specs (including cd-rom & soundcard) & windows os in reply.
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