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Want to recognize IPOD as USB Drive

This appears to be backwards from most requests - I want to be able to manage the ipod as a regular USB drive rather than an Ipod. I have a 30GB video ipod on which I run Rockbox firmware. I did a clean install of Winamp 5.541 on my XP machine, both with and without the ipod_pmp.dll (with the regular USB drive plug in both times). But Winamp will not ask to manage the ipod as a USB Drive, and it will not recognize it when I try to force it through the configuration window either. The ipod is recognized by Windows as a removable drive. The *.ini and *.xml winamp files do not exist on the Ipod. Any ideas?

Thank you!
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I would really like this too. For some reason Winamp always sees an Ipod as an Ipod, never as a removable disc, even if you force the Ipod into disk mode as Rockbox does. Because of this, you can't upload Ogg files to Rockbox via Winamp, because Winamp doesn't consider them compatible with the Ipod, even though they now are.

I've managed to fluke it a couple of times when presumably something gets confused or lagged and I have the Ipod as both an Ipod and a removable drive in the Winamp Media library, and this worked perfectly, enabling me to upload and transcode correctly to the Ipod, which Rockbox then dealt with properly.

This could be easily solved by allowing the user to specify that the Ipod should be treated as a MSC device rather than a MTP device, or allowing users to add file extensions to the list acceptable by the Ipod plugin, exactly as happens when a device is recognised as a mass storage device.

This is extremely annoying, but Winamp just won't accept the Ipod as a MSC device at all.
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If you are still around Willvandal, I have found a workaround, which is to install MediaMonkey and use that to transfer files. This allows you to mount the Ipod as both a MTP Ipod and a MSC removable drive at the same time. When you want to send music to Rockbox, you just send the data to your preconfigured MSC drive, and when you want to send movies or licenced music to the Apple firmware, you just send it to the MTP Ipod device.

As you can choose to boot between the two with the Rockbox bootloader, you can still use Apples default firmware for licence tracks/movies, and Rockbox for everything else.

I'd really like to see Winamp duplicate this functionality for those of us that want to see our Ipods as both MTP and MSC at the same time.

Personally I'm doing it this way because for playing music, Rockbox is far superior to the Apple firmware, and supports Ogg which sounds a whole lot better and takes less space.
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