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I do not know if this is a request or a bug but the Decay value appears to be 0.9..1 surely this should be 0..1. This would make this setting more consistant with the rest of the presets within MD.

If there is a good reason for this then please let me know.

And if it is to change sorry to Krash, Thor, etc doing all that work on the presets and having to change them but I think it would be nice to change this before MD v1.0 appears. In my book anythink before v1 is a beta.



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I agree whole heartedly - and normalising the sustain values on presets wouldn't be hard - it's only one value after all

- Krash
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Actually, the range 0.9 to 1.0 is intentional. The value indicates how quickly the image fades to black each frame. If the value is 0.98, then basically, the image is multiplied by 0.98 each frame and is thus darkened and kept from oversaturating, and it keeps the new stuff visible over the old. If you go below 0.9 it gets dark way too fast. I could normalize the parameter's range to 0..1, but I'd like to avoid it because I was hoping that the value would make sense to people who have some D3D/OpenGL experience. I also don't want to break anyone else's presets unless I have to...
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