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Originally Posted by MrSinatra View Post
ok, I was hoping to not get pulled into the weeds on this, but it seems I am. partly b/c this is hard to explain and partly b/c I don't know every outcome of every detail of every setting. but i'll give it a shot as long as you're willing to listen with an open mind.

lets look at the raw freedb data:

notice, nowhere does it say "album artist"

what EAC does, is it pulls the first text before the slash of "DTITLE" and it uses that to fill in the box "CD Artist" in the EAC gui. it does that for either normal CDs or comps.

now, bear with me, i'll get to the mapping...

but normal CDs matter, and that box affects track artist listings for normal CDs, so in practice, in a normal, default EAC setup, that box works track artists, or does NOTHING.

meaning, on comp CDs, when things are PROPERLY MAPPED as they are BY DEFAULT, it DOES NOT MATTER whats in that box.

what you did, was for flac you changed the mapping from its defaults via cmd line, to use "CD Artist" to mean %albumartist% aka ALBUMARTIST, but THAT IS NOT HOW EAC COMES OUT OF THE BOX.

out of the box, CD Performer is what EAC uses for that, which it maps to %albuminterpret% aka ALBUMARTIST. it does that for both FLAC and mp3!

do you see where I am coming from now?

look at BPs unaltered FLAC command line:

NO WHERE do you see %albumartist% b/c that's the "CD Artist" which is IGNORED by EAC by default. you changed that, you remapped it to mean the AA tag. but that doesn't mean CD artist = albumartist the tag, it only means you changed EAC to mean that, but nothing more.

%albuminterpret% is what EAC uses by default to mean AA the tag, and that value is from CD Performer, and any guide for setting EAC up uses that for album artist the tag, since it works with FLAC and id3 by default, out of the box.

you have that meaning backwards... the "CD Artist" box, or value, is whats mapped TO %albumartist% which in turn you have mapped to the TAG FIELD named ALBUMARTIST in your command line.

but that's not what EAC does by default. it uses CD Performer, which maps to %albuminterpret% which then is mapped via command line to ALBUM ARTIST the tag (which can be either with or without the space, looks like without by default)

right, but YOU did that! that's not how it comes out of the box.

you made a change and have deduced everything from AFTER your change. that's not the right way to figure things out.

what do you think CD Performer is for anyway?

this is how EAC is setup, but what BP and I were saying is that FreeDB does NOT fill in CD Performer, and ergo we have to do it, to get AA tags.

that's b/c of the change you made. and perhaps you like it better the way you have it, but I would not like it that way, b/c I want to set AA tags myself, as FreeDB will frequently not fill it in the way I want, so a blank field is better to remind me.

that's np, but I do it the way I do it, in case a file gets corrupt tags and/or misplaced. it also helps autotagger.
Thank you for the detailed response. I realize that I had changed the default command line option.

I guess what it comes down to is that I'm using the CD Artist field in the same way that you're using CD Performer, in that I'm populating the AA tag with what's in the CD Artist field and you're populating the AA tag with the CD Performer field. In the end we're getting the same results.

But I would also say that your claim that the CD Artist field either works for Track Artists or nothing just isn't true. As I explained earlier, if the CD Artist field is different from all the individual track artists, like in a compilation, then it operates completely independent of the track artists, and you can set it to whatever you want without affecting anything else. So you can set the CD Artist field to Various Artists for example, which can then be written to the AA tag with my set up.

I guess the argument I would make for using my set up is that for almost every single CD I've ripped with EAC, when the freedb look up populates the CD Artist field, what it gives IS the Album Artist that I want written to the AA tag, including for compilations. So if it already writes the Album Artist I want to the CD Artist field automatically, why not just write that field directly to the AA tag rather than dealing with any additional tags like CD Performer?

But it really does come down to personal preference. I'm comfortable with the way I'm doing it as are you with your way, and I think in the end we're ending up with pretty much the same results.
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