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Choices, Choices

ok, everyone be truthful-

have you ever had a same sex experience?
would you ever consider having a same sex experience?
what would it take for such a thing to happen?
do you find anybody of the same sex attractive?

p.s. if any women (men too i suppose) have engaged in such an act... stories please...

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No, i haven't had a same sex experience, but i know people who have.

I don't think I would have a problem if someone of the same approached me in that way, as i know which way i am orientated.
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Not to disappoint anyone, but I dont have any great stories to share. No, I have never had a same-sex experience. I have no desire either. I do appreciate the female body though. When it comes to sex I find myself pretty prudent.

My best friend would have lots of stories to tell however. She has had sex with many women. She has told me that big breasts are wonderful.

I dont see anything wrong with same-sex sex, but I personally have not done it, nor can see myself into it. One-on-one with a man is all I need.

~ Missy
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i haven't, but do you honestly think anyone else will they they have?

i mean, lesbianism is great. anything else sucks.

use the search, that's what it's there for.
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