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Winamp Internal playlist

Could someone tell me where I can find the internal playlist used by Winamp?

I'm using Windows 7, and I have noticed a .m3u8 file in Appdata/roaming/winamp
However, when I change the playlist (like delete some stuff) the file doesn't change...

Thanks in advance!

FYI I want to get to the internal playlist, so I can extract the path of the current playing song with Delphi (If I know where the playlist is, I can look the path of the song up).
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You should also find the .m3u as well as .m3u8(unicode version).

As far as I know this is only written back when Winamp is closed.

Probably needs a plugin to get the path in real time. DrO is your man if he's about.

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querying Winamp in that way is a really poor way of getting the current song from Winamp. the better option is to use a ReadProcessMemory(..) based method to inject a writeable buffer from your external program (as i assume it'd be) to Winamp allowing for SendMessage(..) calls (from wa_ipc.h) to get the current title string, etc as applicable.

http://sourceforge.net/projects/winampminimagic/ has C code for doing it though i need to find the time to finish the dll and release a proper package of it - which would be exactly what is needed to be used for getting the title (as the C and C# example apps show).

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