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Shuffle Mode With A Difference

I would like to see a shuffle mode that prioritises tracks that have played the fewest times. I'm finding the current shuffle mode keeps selecting the same old songs, or at least it feels like it. So it would be nice if the shuffle mode would check any tracks that have never played, then it would check any track that's only played once, and so on and so forth.
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Yes please. Also make random actually mean random ...
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Turning on the shuffle feature in Winamp does, in fact, cause a random play order. Random means that it's possible that a file plays again before all the other playlist entries have played.

What you want is accomplished by randomizing the current playlist and then letting it play in order, that way it plays every entry only once before repeating the entire playlist.

If using either the "Winamp Modern" or "Classic" skin look at the bottom of the playlist window. Click on [Misc], then [Sort], then [Randomize list]. Then turn the playlist shuffling feature off.

You can also randomize the current playlist by hitting [Ctrl]+[Shift]+[R].
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please have a look at these links:




do u think there is any chance u can take what is described there, the math, and make it a plugin?

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Hi folks
If you want to hear really randomized titles (and not always the same ones):
* Use the "Never Played" list of the library instead of the standard audio list
* Randomize it in the playlist window (Misc->Sort->Randomize)
* Activate the shuffle button
* Activate the Playlist File Remover plugin

Once you have played all the titles of your library the Never Played list is empty. You can then create a smart view called "Less played" with this condition :
Play count equals or is below 3
and use it instead of the "Never played" list.

Have fun
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But can this randomizing be a permanent setting?

Or would I have to, one way or another to randomize every single time [thus a need stipulated in the opening post of this thread]?
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Originally Posted by MrSinatra View Post

please have a look at these links:

I have been looking for this type of information for a while!


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