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Preset buttons for equalizer

(I had this text ready to send through the regular wishlist option on the website but apparently you can only include a few sentences so I just paste it in it's entirety here.)

Hi, I specially came to the website to email you about a new feature that I would like to see in the new Winamp, and I'm happily surprised that you're actually doing a survey about it!

I would really love to have ... I mean, I'm desperately begging you to foresee preset buttons next to the equalizer, so that I can choose from several personal equalizer presets in just one single mouse click. I constantly listen to music and I find myself changing the bass levels many, many times per day, depending on the time of the day or night and if my neighbours are home or not. But each time, I have to adapt all 3 different equalizer sliders on the bass side. Having at least 5 preset buttons would make Winamp perfect for me. I have tried using the current preset function but i don't like that it takes me 5 mouse clicks to get to the preset I want.

Personal presets could be saved by just holding down the mouse button on a preset button for a little longer, so it would take on the current equalizer setting. That way, you save mouse clicks as well when creating your presets. Maybe make it possible to assign hotkeys to the preset buttons?

The preferred number of preset buttons could be chosen in the settings?

In any case, you should be able to open the menu with the existing extensive list of all presets with just one click, that's for sure. For the moment, it takes 3 clicks. Also, when you want to access the bottom preset from the big list, now you have to scroll down and that's extra work. You could make that small window bigger so all the presets are accessible without scrolling. When it comes to mouse clicks: less = more! :-)

And now I just came up with an extra idea but it may be a bit far fetched...: maybe you could make an additional special slider that harmonically changes all the bass levels at the same time in a harmonic way?

Since it was available, I have always used the Winamp Modern skin, with the color citrus and I love it that way, so I hope these stay available!

I do have to say that I don't like using Winamp for video, because I have to rearrange the length of the player when I go back to music, plus I have to reconnect the player with the playlist editor. But that's OK for me because I would always use two separate softwares for music and video anyway.

Let me end this by telling you that I have been using Winamp continuously for exactly 19 years now, from when I had my first PC with internet connection, when I started at the university. There is no substitute. I absolutely love Winamp and I accept nothing else. It's for me the best in design, usability, adaptability, compactness, logic, etc. When I do the Windows installation of someone else's PC, I always foresee Winamp as their main player. My father has long tried to make me use Linux instead of Windows but there is no way that I will use a system with no Winamp. If Winamp would cease existing, I would just quit working with computers, haha :-p

I hope this helps!

Whipped ass greets,
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Totally agreed! The EQ in general could be handled much better.
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just in case both of you don't know
there is no Winamp development anymore at the moment.

we should have closed this thread ages ago.

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Try taking the idea to wacup.

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Ok thanks for the input.
It's a shame the development stopped.
I wasn't aware of Wacup but I'll send my idea to this hero right now.
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Yeah, I really hope they change the EQ input.
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