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"I wanna play some numbers."

Fuck you, you dumb fucking asshole.

At about 4:50 I pull my drawer out of the register and begin to count all the money to total my sales for the day. Four people are already in line at the other register when Mr. Dumb Fucking Asshole walks in. I'm right in the middle of counting my nickels when Mr. DFA walks straight up to my register and says, "I wanna play some numbers." Having seen him walk in, I recognized the man as he is a regular customer... well, regular dumb fucking asshole. Without even looking up I tell him that my register is closed and that the girl I was working with would have to wait on him for lotto purchases, all the while pointing to the electronic sign right in front of him that reads "Register closed" and to the big sign right below it that reads, "All lotto sales: other register, please," with a big arrow underneath pointing to the other register. I don't know how he fucking missed the signs, I guess he couldn't read them. He sighed but walked over to get in line at the other register.

By the time the girl I was working with had gotten to wait on him I had already finished counting my drawer and had taken my paperwork into the office, leaving the door open, to finish totaling my sales.

Apparently Mr. DFA had also purchased $5.34 in gas, in my opinion because he's too fucking stupid to stop it at $5.00. Anyway we also have a sign on our lotto machine that tells customers, "Please fill out a bet slip for ALL lotto purchases." Now if we're not too busy or we're in a good mood and the customer is nice enough we'll punch in their requests manually as it's not really all that difficult to do. This girl is fairly new and had not been there long enough to know Mr. DFA so she opted to punch in his lotto numbers. Mr. DFA tends to mumble a lot and it is rather hard to hear much of anything that he says. The girl heard two numbers that he wanted to play so she punched in two numbers and proceeded to ring up his gas purchase and his lotto purchase on the cash register. While she was asking him if he would like anything else he was busy looking over his lotto tickets and had not heard her ask this, so after a few seconds she gave him his total, $7.34.

Noticing that he only had two tickets in hand he asks, "Where's my other two numbers? I wanted to play two more." Again, I was in the office at the time so I'm not sure if he was just mumbling again and expected her to hear and understand, or if he even said them at all. She apologized, asked what he would like to play, and punched in the second set of numbers. Again asking if he would like anything else she rings up the two extra tickets on the cash register. Once again, Mr. DFA is busy looking over the tickets again and either does not hear her or is simply ignoring her. When she tells him his new total, $9.34, he hands her a ten dollar bill. She enters the information into the cash register, the drawer opens and she pulls out the appropriate amount of change, $0.66.

The girl hands him the money but he does not leave. Apparently, Mr. DFA can't fucking add. He stood there waiting for two extra dollars, apparently forgetting about the additional two tickets that he had just purchased. At this point five other customers had come in and were waiting in line behind him. After attempting to explain to Mr. DFA for at least a minute why he was only receiving coins and not bills as well, she got a bit flustered and called me for assistance.

Now the fun begins.

Looking on the journal tape, a long roll of paper that records every action that is executed with the cash register, I found nothing wrong with the transaction and asked Mr. DFA what the problem was. He insisted that she had cheated him, that he was still owed two dollars. I looked around briefly and saw the other customers behind him slightly laughing at his ignorance, but getting angry as well. I tried to explain him that he only should get back sixty-six cents but he was so fucking adamant, it looked as though he was not going to leave without his two dollars. Another customer behind him chimed in telling him that his change was correct and asked if he would step aside so he could be waited on.

Mr. Dumb Fucking Asshole simply would not budge. I was starting to become really pissed off at this point and once he started getting loud and obnoxious, swearing and then mocking me by announcing to the rest of the customers that the only job I can get is "working at god damned gas station"... well, I had had it then.

Once you challenge my character make it a personal matter, damn the rules. To make the rest of this story short, I told him to go back to school if he couldn't fucking add and couldn't read the signs. I told him to take his money and leave and to quit coming in here trying to pull shit like that.

As I said before I'm very familiar with this customer. Over a year or so ago before we were allowed to prepay gas purchases, he came in and threw down $10 on the counter and simply said, "gas." I had already approved his pump and he had already started fueling... when he finally hung up the pump he had put more than $30 into his tank. He got into his car and drove away. I called the cops but there was nothing they could do because we did accept some payment. The next time he came in I called him on it but since we had no proof or evidence there was nothing we could do to back up the claim and he refused the pay the difference.

Man, people piss me off. Anyway I was only scheduled until 5:00, but I didn't get out of there until 5:18. So again: fuck you, you dumb fucking asshole.


I know the job sucks and I am desperately looking for a new one, so don't even go there.

Spiral out, my friend. You will find your way back to yourself, we all will.
I'll be waiting, and shall see you on the other side...
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Next time:
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Post initializing...
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Might think about getting a new job.

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Documentation trumps assholes. The journal tape is what will keep you in good hands. If he complains, you can be reminded why you have a job that requires math skills and why he isn't worthy of it. If he had better math skills he wouldn't waste money on the lottery tickets anyway, nor will he waste his time spending $5.34 on the gasoline burned before he even gets out of park to drive away.

It was nice of you to step in for the new gal. She now owes you a free trip to second or third base.

Don't forget to live before you die.
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