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Winamp volume becomes much "louder" when playing .flv files

How to reproduce this "annoyance":

1. have a directory which contains .mp3 and .flv files
2. have shuffle turned on
3. set volume to low levels and start playing

4. if done right, winamp should play .mp3 files at low levels
5. should the next shuffled item be a .flv file, winamp would play the item with a much louder volume; somehow the volume threshold is not obeyed
6. adjusting the volume by pressing up/down key "resets" the volume level

Additional suggestion: when playing a .flv file, the "View file info..." context menu in the list should at least display info about the file's path/info etc.


How I managed to notice this bug(?):

I usually let winamp loop through my lists on progressive house music files before sleeping. Unfortunately I have noticed quite often times I get awakened by a sudden change in Winamp's volume when playing particular files... and from there I noticed it's always .flv files that somehow "resets" Winamp volume.

Thanks and have a nice day.
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