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A "stop after selected" option

I've search if this was suggested before, but to my amazement it is not... At least I can't find it!

First, I'm an album kind of guy, so I listen to albums as opposed to a list of unrelated artist songs...

Here is an example of what I would like Winamp to do:

I'm listening weekly to new albums which I embed between old album in the playlist and would like Winamp to stop playing after the last song of a new album if I need to make a phone call or go take a shower or... Now, since it's a new album, I don't know if the current song being played is the last song since I have not absorb the album yet. Right now, I have to open the playlist and check if it is indeed the last song and if it is I use the left-click context menu item and click the "stop after current" entry

I would like to be able to select a track (the last of the album) then use the left-click context menu and click the new "stop after selected" entry.

I'm surprised this is not already an option and I did do a seach...
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Hi pattoocool,

I would also like an option like that.

What I'm doing in the meantime is use the 'Jump to File Extra' queue. First, I set the playlist editor playback to manual advance (I need to shutdown and restart Winamp to activate this). Then I add the songs I want played to the JTFE queue, select them, and start playback from the queue. After the songs play, control is returned to the playlist editor and playback stops. There is a queue context menu command to stop playback when the end of the queue is reached, but it causes Winamp to crash on my system.

Due to something in my Winamp configuration (or a Winamp bug), the first song added to the queue plays twice. Minor issue, all things considered. I do this when I want to select a half hour or so of music from a large playlist and have Winamp serenade me to sleep.

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if I were a dev, and I wanted to implement some form of this in some way, I would create a right click option for a selected track in the playlist area, that simply said "Stop playing after this track" and it would have a checkmark if on, and would bold the track name in the playlist (or something) when on.

anything else sounds way too complicated.

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