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Setting up Smart Views using ID3v2.3 tags

Hello folks,

I'm looking for a bit of help with ID3v2.3 tags - which I'm quite new to beyond simple Title, Album, Album Artist, etc.

I want to set up two Smart Views in Winamp - neither of which are genre-specific - to separate popular rock/pop/soul/dance music that I can safely play at gatherings, from a more private taste in avant garde/experimental music that would have people bolting for the exits!!

As with everything, there is an element of crossover, so there is some music that I would like to appear in both Smart Views. To my understanding, the solution would be to enter keywords into an ID3v2.3 tag and then set up each Smart View to look for those keywords.

But I'm unsure which Winamp-compatible ID3v2.3 tag to use in order to achieve this. As I mentioned, genre isn't really relevant so I can't use that tag. I could use the Comments tag to achieve this by adding either or both the keywords 'Mainstream' and 'Experimental' (as an example) but I'm pretty sure that would be a misuse of the Comments tag.

Is there a more suitable tag or a more suitable method to achieve what I described?

Thanks all,

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the comments tag is a general thing so it's probably the best option to go with for your needs.
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Thanks DrO.

I'll happily go with the Comments tag. I just had a feeling there might have been a more suitable tag.

Thanks for taking the time to respond.

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np with that way. you could also use your folder structure to achieve this.

one thing to note, I don't believe comments are "used" for direct searches, but I do think they should work for smartviews.

more info:


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Many thanks for all the info.

For the moment my aim is to keep all of my music in one, unsorted (regularly backed-up *cough*) folder and have Winamp do all the sorting via tags. I'll definitely look into folder structure in the future when I'm more aux fait with the whole business.

In the meantime, using the comments field is working great. I can enter freeform text into the ID3 tags and have Winamp sort them by using the "contains" parameter when I set up the Smartview.

Thanks again for all the support and links.

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