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populer station

Has anyone got any tips or can help me to make my station populer?
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Sticky: Guidelines for Pimping Your Station (READ ME BEFORE POSTING!)

Try that.

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if you search this forum , you should find several threads about it.

but a small list won't hurt

-tell all your friends and tell them to tell others
-build a webpage for your station and admit it to several search engines using as many keywords as you can
-link to your station page in the forums you post in
-link to your station as part of your sign in your mail accounts
-you can advertise your station once a week in the dj and listeners center in the shoutcast forum part
-join chatgroups that are about radio and do the sign trick there

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-advertise, advertise, advertise
-make flyers pass them around at malls and business offices
-make business cards that direct people to your website, stick them everywhere
-get a local small paper to do an article about your station
-did I mention advertise?
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it's the product...

The product matters most imo. We havn't done any advertising of any kind except real word of mouth. Our listeners, and the artists we play, do the rest (x1000) for us.

You need three basic things to get a good product, playlist software, automation software, and audio processing. How good those are mostly defines how good your product is.

Of course you need a killer site with it, that's a given, but doesn't make or break you. We started with just simple non-interactive website (besides forums/javairc), and even just simple "now-playing" till we had well over 100,000 uniques.

Omnias are ok, especially if you can find a used "3.net" that will give you a lot of bang for your buck. If anyone recalls the old 128k Wolf FM sound, that was a 3.net setup by yours truley. Not bad for a 2x3x1 band unit, bass enhancement is nearly as good as new 6ex units rolling off the line, for a more "down to earth" pricing.

Speaking of price, software is your best bet for processing if you're not stuck on the whole "knob" fiasco. Sound Solution is ok, if you want to sound like (cough) orban (cough):
and there's Octiv's OctiMax processing if you want a sound more like the original Omnia.FM
( make sure to tweak octimax config file manually, and make it read-only before u open plugin )

Also if you have vocal mics in at all, you should consider some kind of processing, even if it's just a simple vocal compressor, that will make sure that you have the same relative presentation when you're speaking... even though there's audio processing, it shouldn't be used to make the voice sound perfect on it's own, unless you're running a mostly talk station of course. then go nuts.

You could also "roll-your-own" uh... processing. yeah. You know, with plugins? yea, right. but be warned, it's a life-long journey learning all of the "secrets" there are, if you can.

Then you'll discover the real way to get what you want is to code the dnged thing yerself.


(i'm not offering a service - i've already turned down adsertion (cc), infinity, surfer, orban, etc, so please don't ask, unless you're frank foti, heheheh)
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