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Having Probs With Getting streams to work

In the tv section of winamps media library i'm no longer able to watch any tv streams. No audio or video at all. IT just the [ICY 200 OK}http:// addy message and shows nothing. I've tried accessing streams liek Sas-tv and the desync streams through thier manual link and it palys fine so i don't think it can be codec related. Is some kind of maintainiance being done? Please Help!
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Re: Hello NULLSOFT! Directory Listing screwed!


seems as if some hours ago they screwed up the tv directory listing.

I noticed that they tried to correct it, but obviously they failed again *g*

The Url should look like:


but instead, first the ";stream.nsv" part was left out completely. Now, the only thing they (Winamp/Nullsoft/AOL) should correct, is the missing SLASH "/" in front of ";stream.nsv" ...

If you still want to watch a specific stream, just enqueue it and then whilst in the playlist type CTRL+E and put a "/" in front of the ";stream.nsv" part (left out the " of course *g*). Click OK and it should work.


To the guys at NULLSOFT:

Please FIX this minor failure of yours, thx! *ggg*

Keep up the good work...


Sorry for any mistakes (no native speaker (english of course *bg*))

Bye Bissig
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