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I'm trying to Understanding the "Advert" better

I been using this for a while but now I see that I can play my own advert and get paid for it I want to make sure is that the case and I do it right can someone help me please
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OK so the Shoutcast website couldn't be more vague about this. It says it but says it in a manner that leaves more questions than answers.

So what you do is:

1. create an MP3 file of 2 minutes in duration. Best to use a music track that anyone can listen to, like something ambient or mellow - because for people in regions that are not getting the ads (IP geolocational stuff - people in Russia don't need to hear Home Depot ads) this is what they will hear when your station triggers the ads instead of the ads. So a blank 2 minute file will lead people to believe your station is off air. Best to put something they won't mind in that 2 minute file, like another "you're listening to ... " and some info about your station.

2. Name this file advert.mp3. In the Tags of the file, using your favorite MP3 tag editor, make sure it is titled Advert: in the artist and title section. Doesn't matter if it's your favorite Beatles track or AC/DC - change the 2 minute track title and artist to be Advert:
Also - trim the file so it fades out nicely.

3. Next comes your playlist. So if you're using Mixxx, you want to insert this track twice in a row. Before this track, I have a "station id" that I run that says "You're listening to station name". I also play this after the ads before we go back to the music.

If you're using an Android box to upstream to Shoutcast, you can use BroadcastMyself app to upstream to Shoutcast and never have to fiddle with Linux or command line Shoutcast server stuff.

And then you can use sequentially numbered files. I use a macOS app called Exporter for iTunes. It's a really cool playlist exporter.

You create a playlist in iTunes, the this app reads your iTunes Library and will literally export the playlist as new files, in sequential numbered order for you.

If you play AC/DC at the top of the list and then want to play it again 8 hours later, it will be there in the sequentially numbered files further down the list. When I set the rename for the output files, that numerical sequence number is right at the beginning of the file name. Everything plays in the order I want it.

Make sure all of the music files you use for broadcast have the CORRECT TAGS. Artist, Album, etc. In this manner also, your stream will then properly ID the tracks for licensing, royalty to the artist etc. BUT just as importantly, the track info shows in whatever player the listener is using.

So you create the playlist and get it "right". Drop in the Advert file wherever you want to "trigger" ads. Shoutcast wants you to run this 2 minute file twice per hour. This is where the confusion sets in with their abbreviated explanation. "Run a 2 minute file twice". So when?

That means you insert it where you want the ads to run, like at 30 minutes and top of the hour. I run it once after every album I play. So I get once or twice an hour, and because of random album length the ads then run at random spots on the clock.

Shoutcast's ads are particularly obnoxious, so running the Advert file twice back to back is annoying and guaranteed to run off your listeners.

The people at Shoutcast have little understanding about how to actually market a radio station, so they have these really obnoxious ads and makes it difficult to run them as often as they want you to but that's the game.

4. Back to my Android box solution. For like under $100, (generally around $60) you can get an Android TV Streaming box from Amazon. Since they run ANY and MOST apps, you install BroadcastMyself. This app turns that Android box into an upstreaming Shoutcast Server. YES.
You then put all those files you generated onto a MicroSD card (FAT32 or NTFS) in a folder on the card, call it "BROADCAST" and then insert it into the Android box, make sure the box sees it.

5. This is where the wheels could fall off. I have a current playlist of about 1000 songs. BroadcastMyself will literally take a real 30 - 60 seconds to load that playlist. So maybe start with an hour's worth of music until you get the hang of it.

Once it does, all you have to do is set to to Auto Next Track, push the slider up to almost full volume, and then hit Connect.

6. Shoutcast is NOTORIOUSLY WEIRD about connecting. So once it finally connects, it's running your playlist, you're golden. The problem is Shoutcast's unpredictable connection issue which seems to be unfixable at Shoutcast's end.

Seems like most of the time it connects right away, no problem. Other times, it seems to take a couple of minutes of fucking around to get it to connect but connect it will.

Sometimes I have had to reboot the Android device and try again. The PRO version of BrodcastMyself is only $2.33, so just get the Pro version because it features "Auto reconnect" which does work, like if your internet connection takes a shit. I also have mine on a Battery Backup so we're live, on air 99% of the time.

7. BroadcastMyself also features a mic level - so if you want to broadcast your voice show, add a small USB Sound module to the Android box, it works great. ( like these: https://www.amazon.com/Sabrent-Exter...dp/B00IRVQ0F8/ or search for "USB sound card". Some are as cheap as $4 and yes they work fine. BTW - buy a few different brands because sometimes you get compatibility issues.
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