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Quinto Black CT v1.6

Skin Name: Quinto Black CT v1.6

Author: PeterK.

Type: Modern Skin

File Extension: wal

SHA-1: AFF3A3FB4627819EA3FBE891DB686FB7B6714F65

Size: 2.19 MB

Change log:

- added: blinking VU Meter (analog) Peak Indicator. It goes off when the volume unit is between 0 and +3
- added: "Beats per Minute (BMP)" data display. Show/hide it using the Quinto context menu
- added: Visualizer feature with following submenus:
- Visualizer Color: Blue, Classic, Gray, Green, Red, Yellow
- Visualizer Presets: Oscilloscope (Dots, Lines, Solid), Spectrum Analyzer (Thin, Wide (show Grid), Wide (hide Grid))
- Visualizer Options: Analyzer Falloff Speed, Show Peaks, Peaks Falloff Speed
- changed: both digital VU Meters work according to the same algorithm
- changed: both digital VU Meters have the same color schemes
- changed: -20 volume unit LEDs are always on. No more "empty/dark" LEDs while a song is played and the sound level is very low

Download link: Here.

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The 3rd most downloaded Winamp skin at Winaero. Very good for a one-year-old skin. Congrats!
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I look attentively at the cover of the 2nd day. Everything is fine, except for a large LED indicator. He is knocked out of the general type of cover (my opinion). Although, in theory, should be a cherry on the pie. First, as I already wrote, the question is about the number of LEDs. They are clearly not enough for such a large indicator. We need to do more of them and place the LEDs closer to each other - it will appear to be a single whole, and not a set of LEDs. Secondly, make the LEDs themselves much brighter (especially in version 1.6 they are pale). You can make the background of the indicator darker. Thirdly, it is very necessary to make starting LEDs (not -20, but less), as I suggested earlier. Because when listening to jazz, classical music, the indicator almost does not work at the minimum sound levels. In analogue VU this is not, there the sensitivity of the indicator is adjusted. Well, and the peak sound values ​​between the indicators can somehow be related. Or additional LEDs make in the LED indicator when the signal is in the red zone. Or flashing an analog peak to make it brighter. For example, by default the white (or green, you need to watch) light is on, and in the red zone it is bright red. Without any shadows, you need the maximum color contrast.
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What would I do with the LED indicator. The most budgetary option. Add 2 LEDs per channel with the values ​​"-" infinity (permanently lit) and an additional -15. Why? On an analogue VU, the needle changes the reading in the range from -20 to -10. However, on the LED indicator, the LEDs are either permanently lit (as now), or nothing is burning (as it was before). We need an intermediate option. And make an arrow more clearly on the analogue VU (in default color). It is not very clearly drawn there - it looks like a shadow from an arrow. Once again I thank for the excellent work.
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Hi Peter

Congrats on the latest update - excellent work as always.

My only suggestion for the next release would be to standardise/unify the width and "cheek"-size of the Analogue VU and main player windows so that they snap together perfectly alongside the Digital VU with no annoying gaps (it's actually rather frustrating! :-D).

Other than that, absolutely bloody fantastic! :-)
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This is pretty cool.
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awesome , thanks
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