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Winamp not remembering settings

Let me start by saying I've been using Winamp for a few years now, and have enjoyed good quality music from it, but after I updated to 5.5 I've run into some problems.

The one of the problems I'm having is when I turn off my computer my play list and settings go back to the previous settings and my skin color goes back to default. (im using the bentro theme) I think part of the problem is the Winamp agent, I don't think its closing winamp all the way or Winamps not saving the settings,(I always close Winamp before I shut my computer down but leave the Winamp agent open) because when I close the agent and restart my computer my settings will be saved. I also am having problem with the position of the window, I right click it and go to Window Settings and then dock it to the top of my screen, well with I double click the window to bring down the play list it moves my icons on my desktop (my OS is windows xp media center has all updates) even though the auto hide options check (It's checked on the mini mode and full mode) after I go and un-check the auto hide and then recheck it, it moves my icons back but leaves the ones on the bottom of my screen in the middle of my screen. Thats the only problem I've really experienced with the new version of Winamp so keep up the good work guys i like the new layout just hate the new bugs that come with em'. (I'm using the free version)
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It's easier for me to quote from the all-knowing Egg, rather than offer my explanation/possible reasons that Winamp may not be saving your settings.

So here goes, from the all-knowing Egg ...
Originally posted by DJ Egg
Well, more than often, this type of problem is caused by one of the following:

The preferences settings file, namely winamp.ini in the Winamp dir
has the read-only attribute, and therefore cannot be written to.
This would normally be the cause of rajkanneganti's problem.

The modern skin settings file, namely studio.xnf in the Winamp dir
has the read-only attribute, and therefore cannot be written to.
This would normally be the cause of PhranK's problem.

Make sure that none of the files in the Winamp dir are read-only.

eg. in WinXP, right click the Winamp folder, Select "properties",
and uncheck "read-only".
When prompted, say "yes" to applying this to all files within and all files in subfolders.

Alternatively, open the folder, select all files within except for SubFolders
(eg. Ctrl+A, then Ctrl+LeftClick to unselect the subfolders),
then File -> Properties -> uncheck: "read only", checkmark "archive"

If it's not this, then another reason could be that Winamp isn't closing properly,
so therefore the settings aren't being saved.
The usual cause for this is a slightly dodgy 3rd-party plugin,
or interference from some other concurrently running app/process.

Other possible reasons:

Not logged on as admin, and/or the Winamp folder doesn't have read-write permissions.

Some external system cleaning app (eg. Windows Washer or Tracks Eraser) is deleting the Winamp settings files (winamp.ini, gen_ml.ini, etc) and will need configuring not to do so. Try adding the Winamp folder to said app's exclusion list.

Or something weird like this

...and there's probably more!

Basically, the more info you can provide us with, the better chance we have of helping. Otherwise, it's all down to speculation.

Please provide system specs (pc or mobo make/model, cpu, ram, graphics & sound cards/chips, Windows OS, DirectX version) with every post that requires true technical support.

ie. a post asking how to enable/disable a winamp feature doesn't really require much info, but cases like this do.

Also tell us whether you installed on top of any previous version, whether Winamp 2.x or Winamp3, (as opposed to a proper clean install) and whether you've installed any 3rd-party plugins, etc etc.
Although the above quoted from Egg references forum members by the name of rajkanneganti and PhranK, it still contains many possible reasons why your Winamp may not be saving its settings.

Don't email or PM me concerning Winamp. Instead, either start a NEW TOPIC or post a REPLY in the appropriate thread in these forums. This will also benefit others who may have a similar question or problem. But before posting, please first Search the forums and read all FAQs and all Sticky threads.

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The most common cause these days is a cleanup app like WindowWasher or TracksEraser deleting Winamp's settings files, namely/mainly winamp.ini, and the solution is to add Winamp to said app's exclusion list.

But yeah, could be any of the above reasons really....


HijackThis & List Of Plugins logs usually help us to give a more precise answer.
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