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"Customize columns" for playlists (ie so that you can make ratings visible)

If you click on the grey area next to the columns in one of the local media (like "recently played") you can right click->customize columns and add/remove whatever you'd like to have there. Including ratings.

This would be very useful as one then could sort by ratings and get the highest rated songs on top and one could vote way more easily etc.
(I hope this is not another problem with the "Gracenote provided library files")
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playlists are just a list of items and if possible it may have a title and a duration to use and so the playlist views are doing just that.

what you're wanting is already in the wishlist as columns in playlists. since what you're wanting is trying to make a playlist into a library query. and it has zero to do with Gracenote, this is how Winamp has been doing it's playlist displays since the beginning.

there is merit to make the playlist views more flexible, but that's then effectively making a library view from a fixed list of items. the fact it made it to the wishlist means it's not been out right refused to be considered, but i can see a number of issues with it from a development view (and there's more important changes to make to the playlists support vs this at the moment).
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