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Windows 7/Vista visual style integration

I just upgraded to Windows 7 (from XP) and noticed that nothing of the spiffy new window dressing is available to Winamp.

I've always loved Winamp's skinability, but it looks a bit anachronistic now, with jaggy round corners (on the modern default and Bento skins). Also: no Vista/7 transparency (that I can find), and no shadows!

Suggested solutions (not necessarily all at once):

- make Vista/7 transparency available to skinners (or make it easier to find out how to do this if it's already possible). Also, allow Winamp to make use of Vista/7's native drop shadow.

- If possible, implement Vista/7 native shadows independent of skins, so that they can be enabled/disabled for any skin by the user.

- Have as a skinning option the ability to use the native Vista/7 window frames around Winamp skins (even if only for single-window ones like Bento). Allow the interior of the window to be skinned as extensively as we've come to expect from Winamp.

Loving Winamp still, OFC. Thanks for listening!
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I actually thought of bringing that up long ago.
Skinning should still be an option, but I don't understand why Winamp doesn't have something under the skin controled by Windows, like even under the Bento is still another skin... classic, whereas usually a skin is implemented over a Windows gui. So as of XP, especially now with Vista and Win 7, it would be nice if you had the choice of having Winamp skinned or not, and therefor would take on the visual style currently being used if you turned off the skin in Winamp.
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