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Is there a way 2 change the playing speed?

Windows Media Player 10 allows me 2 change the speed of any
song I can play.I can make it faster or slower.
Can Winamp do the same thing? I've tried looking everywhere,
but I haven't found anything.I think that changing the speed
is really cool.It can make a slow song more fun,but
there are some songs that actually sound better slow!
I'm kind of new at Winamp,but I already know how 2 use
the plugins and everything.Let me know if it can change
speed.If not,I hope 2 see it in a later version or maybe
a plugin.By the way,this is my first post on any of the Winamp forums.
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Try the pitch/tempo preset in the NSPS DSP
  1. Winamp > Ctrl+P
  2. Plug-ins > DSP/Effect
  3. select ' Nullsoft Signal Processing Studio DSP' > Configure button
  4. LOAD button > select 'justin - simple pitch and tempo (half-2x) control.sps' >Open button
  5. don't forget to checkmark 'Enable procession'
Or use a third party plug-in. Pacemaker is one of more suggested plug-ins. Unlike the preset in the NSPS DSP, Pacemaker will let you change the tempo ("speed") without changing the pitch ("sound"). There are other plug-ins, try a plug-in search with "speed", "tempo", "pitch", etc as keyword(s).


As you are somewhat new to Winamp, you may want to have look at the following as a FYI...
Helpful Links for Winamp Beginners and Intermediates

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