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mirror setup help


I have a shoutcast stream up and running looping a playlist and that is working great.

I'd like to schedule the stream to switch to mirror another station once a week for several hours. This is the stream I'd like to mirror:

If I understand correctly, if an event in the calendar.xml doesn't have start/stop/duration info then it should just play. I'm assuming it should also override the playlist, but that's not happening, my stream is just playing the playlist.

Below I'm pasting the calendar and sc_trans files (with some data hidden) so that hopefully someone can point out what's wrong with my setup as with the current configuration, Thanx!

This is the calendar.xml:
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>
<event type="relay">
<relay url="" priority="1"/>

This is the sc_trans:
; NOTE: for any relative paths specified are relative to
; sc_trans and not to where the conf file is being stored

; we use this to use certain configuration options from the
; server file (assuming it is already configured correctly)
; instead of having to re-enter the details again in here

; here we will setup where the log and other related files
; will be stored. make sure that these folders exist else
; sc_trans will throw an error and will close itself down.

; for testing we will only setup a single encoder though it
; is easy to add in additional encoder configurations and
; we are using an aac plus encoder as the default due to
; the licensing requirements for mp3 encoding as detailed
; in sc_trans.txt - section 2.5).

; here you would provide any information to fill in details
; provided to clients about the stream. it us upto you what
; is entered though do not do anything which will annoy, etc

; this is needed otherwise sc_trans will not allow DJ joins
; to be allowed to connect to the sc_trans instance.

; here we specify a playlist to use as the master list from
; which to play files from.

; these options will allow you access the admin interfaces
; of sc_trans though also allows the 'testui' example to be
; accessed. remember to change the password, etc as needed

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