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Start Me Up? Trying to ceate a playlist


I really like Winamp.

I seemed to have Forest Gumped my way into getting my legally owned .wav files from my legally owned music CDs on to Winamp and they played but not in the order I selected them. They just randomly played tracks. Instead of playing from tack 1 to 16 Winamp would arbitrarily decided which song it wanted to play and then played it.

Not sure what's up with that.

So, then I tried to create a playlist and chose a name and saved that name. I thought by doing that it would save all the 16 tracks under than playlist name and I could open Winap and play all those tracks form that playlist name.

But, when I open Winamp now I just see the play list name but no actual tracks. When I open Playlist Editor I don't even see those tracks anymore.

Can you please share the exact steps (step-by-step) how to go from having your music in .wav to creating and saving a playlist that I can reliably play tracks from in the order I've selected?

I looked here ...


but that didn't help.

Thank you kindly.
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Sounds like shuffle is on...

While the main/player window or playlist editor is in focus, press the S key to toggle Shuffle


On the Classic Default skin look for the SHUFFLE button in the main/player window, near the bottom right
Shuffle on
Shuffle off
On the Winamp Modern skin look for the 123 button in the main/player window, near the middle right
Shuffle on
Shuffle off
On the (Big) Bento skin look for the 123 button in the player panel/plane (top left of the skin) near the bottom right of the panel.
Shuffle on
Shuffle off

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Trying to create, add to and save a playlist


I have Winamp in Modern skin version 5.63. I've Googled the instructions for creating and saving a playlist but they don't work.

First, I click on the left on the word Playlist and right click and it says create new playlist which I do and then name it and it saves that name.

But, when I go to add single song tracks I can only see Add to Media Library and if I click on that it just opens Windows Explorer and I can then import a folder of music but not individual tracks.

I'm trying to figure out once I have created a playlist name now I can add single tracks to that playlist?

Also, the directions say to just click File and Save Playlist will be listed. Save Playlist is not in the drop down menu nor can I find it anywhere.

I would very much appreciate your help.

Thank you kindly.
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Hi eager to learn,

It is hard to take your post seriously. Well over a year ago, you say the official documentation is of no help. Now you say some googled instructions are also of no help. You do not provide a link to these instructions, so no one can say if they are right or wrong. The official documentation is correct, but may lack some details here and there or fail to discuss newer features.

Anyway, you need to shutdown the media library module (you appear to be using) and use the playlist editor module to work with playlists. It should be easier for you to use it until you gain more experience working with the media library for handling playlists. The playlist editor can be opened by clicking the "PL" button on the lower right side of the player module or by selecting it from the "View" menu of the player module or from the right click (context) menu of the player module.

The various context menus for the buttons along the bottom of the playlist editor module should provide access to all that you need.

I suggest you re-read the official documentation on the Winamp playlist editor, in particular, and the rest of Winamp's features, in general. Winamp can be confusing and seem complex at first glance, but taken one part at a time it is not hard to learn how to use.

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