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Adding files in Winamp and why version 2.95 > 5

I do not consider my music collection that large, sitting at just over 6000 mp3s.

In the past I have always added the entire collection into my Winamp playlist via the Add Directory funtion. I have been doing this for many years, and have never had a problem.

So I went some time without a PC, and have just downloaded and installed winamp. I attempt to add the directory via Winamp, and what happens? You got it, Crash central.

Thats strange I thought. Nevermind, I will try to add them bit by bit. I browse to my music directory, and pick 23 folders to add to my play list. Fine, no problem. Great. So I pick the next batch of 23 folders, select to Enqueue in Winamp. Crash central.

Basically there was no way (that wouldnt take a very long time) to add all my music to Winamp.

Thats a bit off I thought, I have never had this problem in the past, and my Hardware is far superior these days.

So out of interest I download Winamp version 2.95. Click the Add Directory button. What happens? You got it. It didnt even take a second, it was pretty much instant. No problem at all.

Whats going on? Maybe your coding is not quite what it used to be, maybe a little bloated? Anyway, do you have a solution for me to add a large batch of music to my playlist in one go? I can gladly provide more information of the error messages and such if it is required.

Thanks for reading, and I look forward to a response.

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I don't see the problem under Winamp 5.32 -- the problem seems to have started in 5.33, and is still present in 5.35.

I use mp3-boss (www.mp3-boss.com)to load the playlists -- so I take care of it by adding a 250ms delay between songs using "playlist delay" in configuration. That 'feature' (i.e., a winamp bugfix! ) was added as a result of the 5.33 crashes.

What surprises me most about the problem is that not many people see the problem. Maybe not many people create large playlists? It usually happens for me around song 500 or so if I don't have a playlist delay.

My AMD Athlon X2 64 dual processor system sees the problem more often than an older single processor system.
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