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Can't contact Winamp in any way...

Which is annoying since I can't remember by original Registration key and I to obtain it they want more info I no long have like order # or the last 4 digits of the CC card I used. I bought winamp back in 2005 people, I don't have the same card anymore. So basically I'm up a creek with no paddle and can't contact anyone because there is no e-mail or phone #. Interesting, how does one run a business without any contact info at all?
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understand your frustration,as i recently posted simple questions and have had no reply,and this is my first time to use this forum.have had pro for about 18 months.In answer to your question I have seen message somewhere in winamp about lost serial numbers.I also have no idea about my number and wonder if ill have the same problem.
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http://forums.winamp.com/showpost.ph...13&postcount=3 has details on how to contact pro support.

pejay: support on the forums is generally provided by other users / volunteers so there's never a guarantee people will respond to posts especially if they don't know the answer or don't understand what you're trying to ask for or just don't feel like replying.

if you're having issues with actual pro features then the above links are where you'll need to send questions / queries to.

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