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Changing filenames ...

Hi Guys (If this is in the wrong forum, please move it to where it should be ...)

While I have been using Winamp forever, I have not had any reason to seek help ... until now. Currently using 5.551 full on a Win2K sp4 box. (I don't think you need any of the other stuff ... let me know if you do)

I usually just rip music off my CD's (using AudioGrabber - Sorry!) and add them to my playlist. No problem! All works fine.

This time I actually 'found' some music on a file-sharing site (in MP3 format) and thought that I'd see what it was like ... and some time later they appeared in my downloads folder ...

Unfortunately some of them had filenames like '01-Track01.mp3' - not very helpful in a playlist. I doggedly changed all the filenames to the actual track name, and then imported them into my playlist (via Play folder) - but they still show up as '01-Track01.mp3'.

Is there something I need to do to fix the track name so that I can actually tell what's coming up without knowing the tune and name by heart?

Advice/assistance gratefully received. (Yes, I know - I should go out and buy the CD ... any other advice/assistance?)

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Taking a guess the metadata or ID3 tags have '01-Track01' (etc.) and Winamp is drawing from that. Winamp looks at the tag data first.

If you just want the filenames displayed try one of the following...

Winamp > Ctrl+P (for preferences) > General Preferences > Titles....

In the 'Advanced title display format:' box change the string to $filepart(%filename%)
Uncheck 'Use advanced title formatting when possible'

Othewise, you may need to change the tags in the files in question.

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you can also change the name of the entry by selecting it and right clicking, then selecting "View file info". A window will appear with all the file header info and you can change the name there.
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Thanks guys

You're right - I can change the title info via "View file info ...". Works perfectly for me.

You've saved me from a very frustrating experience with WinAmp. (Even though its not WinAmp's fault.)

Cheers - and have a great Christmas!

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