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To the 3 team

I have a really good question:
Since 2.81 is really good, why did you redevelop the whole program from scratch? That is really, really stupid for a development team of any level of talent or expertise. Shame.

To make matters worse, you then make up an excuse that version 3 wasn't meant to replace 2.81. If that were true, you wouldn't have written the goddam thing in the first place. Even worse, you are now telling off the people who should be using 3.

I generally download new versions of software I like, and almost always I can expect them to be better than the last. That's how it works.

No, no one forced me to download it, but it was a pain in the ass finding out I had made a mistake and undoing it.

Get your shit together instead of throwing it at your users.
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gosh, i'd hate to see your very first thread go but....you dont know how to read do you? gee,i dont think we need to tell you about all the other threads in this forum now do we. yet you still feel its nessesary to post your little opinion of something that is free to the public and noone has twisted your nipples to use.......thanks for the useless thread.


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