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Album Compilation - should just apear one time

Album Compilation
- when u have a album of multiple artist it is ok that u can see the different interprets on the left, but on the album site (right side in winamp- where the covers apear)
it would be much nicer not to have 40 times the same album.

If it would just apear as one cover and u click on it the songs and different artists apear below... that would be a great thing...

thx @ all who reply!

greetz an Austrian winamp fan

@EDIT: could somebody move that thread to the wishlist??? and pls answers, wanna hear your opinions about this!

@EDIT: i ll readd it at the wishlist ... CLOSE THIS THREAD PLS AND
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I'll move it to Tech Support instead...


Setting album art for compilations so it all shows as one album

Make sure the "Album Artist" field is set to something like "Various Artists"
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As I was about to post in the Wishlist (Thanks DJ Egg).

You were bitching that you lose the artist names if you fill in something.

Album Artist is a different field to Artist. Winamp groups covers by the Album Artist field and then falls back to the Artist field if the former is empty. As DJ Egg mentioned here set it to something like Various or Various Artists then they will be grouped together.

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