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Start visualization window when Winamp (not song) starts?

Hi all,

I know about the "start visualization automatically when song starts", but is there any way to get the vis window to open automatically when Winamp itself is loaded? I'd like it displayed at all times, even if I haven't yet started playing anything.

Trivial, I know. It's just an aesthetic issue that's kinda bugging me.

PS: I looked for a commandline switch for this, but didn't find any. If anyone knows where there is a comprehensive list of /switches, plz post.

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When you close Winamp that also disables or "turns off" what vis you are using. So, when you start Winamp, the vis is not showing.

However with the Winamp Modern skin, if the vis is in "drawer mode"/attached, it will remain open when you open Winamp. That does not work with the Bento skin.

There are some SUI (single user interface) skins that keep the AVS open like you have asked. See the following for a list of the SUIskins...
Unfortunately, I can't think of a specific skin that will do that.

Winamp has limited set of command line switches however there are several programs to make-up for that. However, I don't think there is a method for enabling the visualization via the command line. For more info see the following...

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My preferred skin uses multiple windows. Oh well, thanks anyway for posting the info.
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