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domain & .pls files

Hi folks

I'm new to all of this so please bear with me and don't take the p**s!

Right here is the problem (if you want to call it a problem) since my football/soccer station recently grew in numbers I've purchased some better shoutcast hosting & a domain separate with some web hosting.

I downloaded the .pls file from my shoutcast hosting and uploaded it to my domain so its like http://mydomain.com/listen.pls and that works fine for listeners who use their computers however some of my listeners use their phones/ipads etc and can't play the file direct unless I give them the link in ip : port format like so http://ip : port/listen.pls

I'm just wondering is there anyway I can get the http://mydomain.com/listen.pls file to play direct on phones/ipads etc without any 3rd party apps?

Sorry if it's been covered in the past but I did a quick search and couldn't find anything on it.

Again sorry for being retarded if it's something simple and any help would be appreciated.

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drop this in an .html file and edit for your own values, done

<audio src="http://IP:PORT/;" controls type="audio/mp3" preload="auto"></audio>
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