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An audio converter with shell menu entries

I have been using NCH Switch Sound File Converter Plus. because of its fantastic option of adding in the tight click menu entries for converting files to audio formats. And that is a real time saving feature. Unfortunately there are many issues with this software

So does anyone know some other audio-video converter that can be added to the shell menu? So that the conversion can be executed very conveniently with as little as just 2 clicks [i.e. first right mouse button for showing of the shell menu followed by second left mouse button click for choosing of the suiting option]?
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No don't know anything that can be added to the shell menu
but you could take a look at
DbPoweramp , just google it.
Been using it for many years now

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Yeas, I already have switched to using it. It supports fewer file formats thought

But the big issue with it is, that those natively added helpful entries to the right click shell menu are hidden [buried] within a sub-menu. Switch is more time saving in that matter, as its entries are added at the top

And so I would need to try out yet another converter - OR - replicate some of those sub-entries of dBpoweramp Music Converter in the main menu for a quicker access. But long story short: creating a new simple command Key executing the EXE with added parameters does not work

Is it possible then to tell a Key in the Registry to go to another Key and run whatever it is in that other Key - thus creating something like a LNK shortcut to a BAT file containing a script? In other words: can it be that simple, that if I have a path of that native Key [that works when clicked from sub-menu that was crated during installation of the software] - then I can somehow put it in a new command [or some other] Key, which will in turn add this to the shell menu? So that I can select files and folders, right click them, choose a new entry visible in the main list - thus in turn evoking whatever the entry from the sub-menu does?
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